Effective Integrated Marketing Communications is a synergy of the right strategy, an integration of the proper media and an execution with consistency, with the goal of making a strong, positive marketing and financial impact. We solve problems jointly with our clients. Our efforts are collaborative, leveraging the clients' knowledge of their businesses with our knowledge of marketing communications problem solving.

We map out our future marketing communications with fresh creative thinking. To lay the groundwork for your growth, we not only reach inside a particular industry, but bring new viewpoints and frameworks. For instance, our experience with successful companies such as Procter & Gamble, American Brands, Dart & Kraft, and Schering-Plough has been beneficial to our clients in implementing fresh strategic planning approaches. That effective product positioning or developing that strong brand. We call this process "cross pollenization".

We believe in developing powerfully strong brands. There is a correct process in developing a brand so that your brand will thrive, no matter where the marketplace, no matter how competitive, no matter the medium used. We create and energize profitable brands.

We integrate the most effective and efficient media combination for you and with the proper frequency. The bottom line of effective marketing communication is creating a strong, positive marketing and financial impact for your company.

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